Your hideaway in South Tyrol

On a quest to your soul

Sweat in the Finnish sauna, take a break in the relaxation room, unwind in the Sky Spa, our outdoor area with infinity pool and whirlpool, or put your feet up in the panoramic garden with a view of the Dolomites. At our hideaway in South Tyrol, it's not just the mountains that are at your feet. Speaking of feet: with our spa treatments, our external partners will pamper you from head to toe on request under the open sky or in your feel-good room.

There’s strength in tranquillity: fresh and hot drinks are available at the Well Bar and peace of mind awaits you in Pippo's Chill-out zone. Feel truly free at our hideaway in South Tyrol!

Spa tip of the month

How much sun do we actually need? After a 15-minute sunbathing session, treat yourself to a dip in the infinity pool. Your skin will definitely thank you! Within just 15 minutes, we absorb 75 percent of our daily vitamin D requirement while basking in the sun. Too much sun can be counterproductive, as is too little relaxation. Our recommendation? After your swim, get a refreshing drink at the Well Bar, place your parasol perfectly, and enjoy your finally-holiday time at our mountain lodge in South Tyrol!


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